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About Xinzhizao(XZZ)
Worlds largest maintenance database website. We made a maintenance software for laptop and smartphone in many languages version, it includes circuit diagram,PCB Layer,schematic, bitmap and maintenance cases for the following products.Smartphone includes all iPhone、Samsung、XIAOMI、OPPO、VIVO、MOTO、ONEPLUS、GOOGLE...,Laptop includes Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Hp, Samsung...VIP(all functions)only need less than 0.1 dollar per day.
Up To 2023-05-29, XZZ Released Total Model As Fellowing
Phone Schematic 14384 个 ↑
Boardview 2068 个 ↑
PCB layer 717 个 ↑
PC Schematic 39120 个 ↑
Boardview 14812 个 ↑
MacBook 797 个 ↑
Latest News
  • 2023-05-28Add honor 20S-HL1YALEM50 PCB layer
  • 2023-05-27Add honor V20-HL1PCTM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-26Add IQOO U5E-PD2197AM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-25Add Mate9-HL1AMHAMM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-24Add MI 13 Pro-M2MOA SUB PCB layer
  • 2023-05-24Add P40-HN3ANNAM MB PCB Layer
  • 2023-05-23Add Redmagic 6R-Z67B PCB layer
  • 2023-05-23Add nova6 4G-HL2WLZSLV1VCshim-A PCB layer
  • 2023-05-22Add Redmi K60-1351M11AM0A01 PCB layer
  • 2023-05-21Add xiaomi 13-135100M30MA01 MB PCB layer
  • 2023-05-20Add S16E-ET3091AM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-19Add Mate40Pro-HN3NOAHM MB PCB layer
  • 2023-05-18Add Mate 50E-HL3CETUSM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-17Add IQOO U5-PD2165AM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-16Add honor 80SE-HN1GIAMH PCB layer
  • 2023-05-15Add honor 80Pro-HN1ANPM MB+SUB YiDianTong
  • 2023-05-14Add honor 20 youth-HL1LRAM PCB layer
  • 2023-05-13Add Reno9-2AC060-0 PCB layer
  • 2023-05-12Add Redmi 12C-AL6390AMB PCB layer
  • 2023-05-11Add Redmagic6 Pro-NX669J_V1AMB PCB layer
  • 2023-05-10Add honor 80Pro-HN1ANPM PCB layer
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