Refund Policy

We are committed to providing the best product experience and service to all users.

Before making a purchase, our software provides free files for you to experience the functionality of the product. There is no difference in functionality between the trial files and the VIP files.

After a successful purchase, your account will be automatically activated. You can immediately start using the VIP files within the software. If you are not satisfied with the use of the VIP files, you may be eligible for a full refund under our approved conditions. Please note that before requesting a refund, you need to contact our customer service support team:

Customer Service Support Methods

Refunds require a description of reasonable reasons such as the following.

  1. Customers can apply for a refund in the following situations:

    1.1 After purchasing VIP services, under normal circumstances, when the software is running normally, a refund cannot be made. However, if there are special circumstances, you can apply for a refund within 3 days.

    1.2 The refund application results of the customer will be announced within 7 working days.

    1.3 Repeated purchases caused by payment platform reasons.

    1.4 When customers apply for a refund, they need to provide valid proof.

  2. Refund method

    1. XZZ will refund the refund amount to the customer in the original way.

    2. The customer should provide correct account information so that XZZ can promptly refund the refund amount to the customer.

    3. The final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to XZZ.

We have the right to refuse a refund if:

Products purchased from third-party distributors cannot be refunded. Please contact the dealer to request a refund. In this case, our company will also do our best to help you contact the dealer to handle the refund matter.

Purchase the wrong product and quickly purchase similar products from other companies without contacting customer service.

During the use of the product, the technical department was not contacted or specific descriptions of related errors were provided.

Please submit an application online to confirm the refund. Once the refund is completed, the corresponding VIP account will become invalid.